Michael Coghlan’s presentation at Yahoo Messenger

A record number of WebHeads-to-be attended the first voice conference of BaW 2006, enjoying Michael Coghlan’s excellent overview of voice chat. 33 participants from all five continents heard “The Voice” detail how chat can be used in today’s ESL classrooms. Michael’s oration was backed by a selection of slides, and questions and comments were posted in Yahoo Messenger’s chatroom. Aiden Yeh and Bee Dieu also contributed to the discussion, providing explanation on their particular voice-based projects.



Meanwhile, particpants were lively in greeting each other and some tried out the video capability of YM. Here are Sasa Sirk from Slovenia, Bee Dieu from Brazil and Carla Arena from Argentina as viewed on Dafne’s screen:


Thanks to Leanne, who ably invited participants into the conference, and Hala, who warmly greeted them from Sudan on their arrival. Hala introduced Michael with the flourish that only she can provide, and Michael capped his presentation with an impromptu command performance of “Happy Online”.

Recordings of the proceedings were kindly made by Fernanda, using Total Recorder, and Dafne, who captured the text chatlog. Teresa has kindly posted these for future review at


Please take a moment to give us your comments on this presentation, whether you experienced it “live” or from the recording.




36 thoughts on “Michael Coghlan’s presentation at Yahoo Messenger

  1. Hello,
    I am a Mac person and although I couldn’t listen live, I was able to listen to the recording, view the chat, and view the slide show. What a blast. I think my students would love being able to “control” the show. They could stop the recording, replay, look at chat and then stop the recording while they looked at the slideshow. I am thinking of ways I can use this in my elementary computer classes. This was all good today.

  2. I am terribly sorry I couldn’t attend the meeting! Thank God Technology and people make it possible to replay the show! Thank you all.

  3. Dear my Leanne,This is just fa-bu-lous!!! You have done a great work! I will pick a date to teach me how!! I truely enjoed every “bit ” of it.Now I know it wasn’t that difficult,but it was different when you are co-moderating not like being a participant! Michael has done a wonderful presentaion,as usual,his voice was doing its effect,as usual ,on making you listening and following to huge amount of information simply presented.Looking forward to the next and next and next……..Hala.(blushing for your sweet words above).

  4. Dear Leanne, congratulations on such a nice blog entry for Michael’s session. You mentioned all the details of the show 🙂

    What a lively crowd gathered in YM. I love to see this enthusiam.

    As usual, Michael delighted us with his voice, meaningful discourse, and charming personality 🙂

    A great event, indeed!


  5. First there came the dirty job of downloading YM. Headset, pink wire, green wire, ringtones, screns here and there. Invitations to send. Invitations to answer. Buddies in my list. Search me! Try IM, Voice chat, Text chat. Join the database. Check GMT. Wast it -3 or +3? So far so good.

    Oh, the big day comes. Will everything work? Open YM, WOW, fellows already in. Join the conference. Grab me! Why would I leave? Enjoyed every single little bit of Michael’s online conference – voice and text! His presentation was a piece of jewellery and so was Aiden and Bee’s sharing.

    A truly novel experience with my baw-06. This day will always stay with me. Pity I don’t have a webcam, should have seen my thrill! The “Happy Online” melody reaches my ears, is there anything like it? Smileys here, huggies there! Sheer bliss!!!

    Thanks to everybody behind the scenes and on screen!!!


  6. Hi, everybody!
    It’s great to see your enthusiasm about yesterday’s presentation by Michael Coghlan, aka (also known as) “the Voice”! Isn’t the use of voice online for EFL/ESL a fascinating world on its own? And doesn’t Michael make it even more worthwhile exploring?
    To those who’ve participated asynchronously or “a posterior”, I’m glad you’ve found the integrated page I prepared useful. It makes it so much more worthwhile. 🙂
    Virtual hugs,

  7. Hi,
    I’d just like to say that I really enjoyed Michael’s presentation – I didn’t know there were so many useful tools available ‘out there’. In particular, I liked the concrete examples of their use in EFL classes by different webhead members, showing not only what can be done but what has actually been done and worked well. Very inspiring. And Michael’s ‘Happy Online’ – so warm and friendly. Thank you all.

  8. Thank you to everyone for your supportive comments about the presentation on Wednesday. It is *always* affirming and encouraging to receive positive feedback. And Analia, to read that ‘this day will always stay with me’ sent warm shivers through me – thank you! It was a very powerful event for me too. I had been a little absent from Webheads activity in recent months due to work demands but during the presentation the other day I felt well and truly back in the fold of an extraordinary community where you can FEEL the connections between people.

  9. “Hi all,

    Everything was all installed. It was not the first time, but for Erika, my big friend, all was new. We tested before, she came to my house on the previous day, asked questions, anxious just as I could remember myself some time ago, not too far, 2005.

    The conference, crowded, hot for some people, freezing on the other side of the world. Bee Dieu was not a lonely Brazilian any more. Erika and I were there! Smooth, organized, sounds, questions, multi-tasking. Thanks to moderators, co-moderators, presenter and participants I could taste and feel every minute of it!

    Finally, I met Barbara, saw her face, appreciated her family. I feel part of a warm community, only possible because I met some webheads last year in the TESOL conference in San Antonio. After that, life was never the same!
    Carla Arena
    Brasilia, Brazil”

  10. Dear all, I truly enjoyed “trying” to participate in the live session although I could not hear at first (I finally did but after 20 minutes or so) and my mic did not work. I already have a new one and did not know they were sooooo cheap which makes me angry for not being well prepared for the session. I also had to leave earlier as I had class, but caught up thanks to Teresa’s very useful integrated page. Thanks Hala and Leanne for inviting me back a couple of times when I went off. You’ve been two wonderful hard-working and warm co-moderators this week. Congratulations!!!

  11. Hello everybody
    Just as Carla mentioned above, this was the first time I tried YM. I was anxious about the conference. I thought I wouldn’t know what to do and where to click. Fortunately, my friend Carla helped me out and we tested everything a day before. What a great opportunity! I was so glad to hear everybody clearly and to be able to follow the slides and the chat! It is wonderful to see so many people interested in education and technology getting together to share ideas and learn with one another. I will never forget this experience.
    Looking forward to the next one!
    Erika Cruvinel
    Brasília, Brazil

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation! I especially appreciated the PPT delivery which was so professional and Michael ‘took us with him’ throughout.

    I’d like to thank the ladies who allowed me to ‘play’ in the YM conference calling the night before!


  13. Hi all,

    I really enjoyed being at the presentation, it was a great conference!! Also the participation of some webheads explaining their experience with different web tools and of course Michael’s presentation!!. I feel very happy because although not a very active member ( this year due to thesis work and being in two other sessions) I realize how much I’ve learnt since last year, now I can go to YM, Alado, LT, Worldbridges or any other venue feeling very comfortable.
    Thanks to all,


  14. I enjoyed Michael’s presentation very much. The slides did not show up whole on my screen, however; I had to move them around to see the parts he was talking about (one more thing to do while listening, reading chatlog, and posting). I’m not sure if this was my problem (small screen? somethign I could have adjusted?) or Michael’s….

  15. I was only just now able to view and listen to the presentation because of a busy schedule at work and home. I found it very useful.

  16. I listened again since so many comments have showed up in the Yahoo messages. I like how Michael took his time speaking, and let there be a little wait time to see if anyone wanted to ask a question or make a comment. That would be so important to do that often, which he did. Thanks for modeling great teaching.

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