Barbara Dieu and Graham Stanley presentation at the Alado

More than 30 participants eagerly attended Barbara Dieu – Bee – and Graham Stanley presentation on Blogging and Podcasting at the Alado. First Barbara focused on different types of blogs, then she explained the advantages of RSS feed. Finally she explored some of the pedagogical implication of this extremely dynamic tool. Bee pointed out that blogs are causing a shift in paradigm which is bound to change our teaching and learning patterns in more than one way.


Bee backed her lively presentation with a set of clearcut, up-to-the point PP slides and a choice selection of different types of blogs and RSS blog aggregators. She also provided useful hints on how to use blogs in ESL/EFL.


During the presentation participants were actively involved in text chat. They asked many questions and raised a few challenging issues to reflect upon.

  • How can teachers fit blogs in their often tight and already too crammed syllabuses?
  • Is it appropriate to correct blogs? If yes, how can it be done?
  • In case blogs are used to create portfolios, how can they be assesed?

Graham Stanley, on the other hand, tackled this year cutting edge CMC tool, podcastig. This was almost an absolute first for BAW and raised the participants’ interest at unprecedented levels, both on the technical features and the pedagogical – or ‘podagogical’, as Graham called them – implications.


Graham used a few, extremely clear, PP slides and provided plenty of examples and web references for those interested in further exploring this topic.



During the presentation participants compared tools. exchanged suggestions for tech purchases and discussed some possible uses of podcasting. Nina Liakos raised a very interesting issue: can podcasting be of any use in an ESL environment, with full availability of native speakers and authentic materials?

Both presentations were attended by the BAW06 moderators, Dafne Gonzales and Teresa Almeida d’Eca – who introduced the speakers – and week 3 co-moderators, Cora Chen and Maria Teresa Ciaffaroni, – who welcomed participants, re-directed lost bawers to the right spot, and actively contributued to the text chat.

Recording of the proceedings were kindly made by Tere and Daf for those who missed the session. An integrated web page with audio and video recording, as well as a chatlog, is available at BAW website chat session.

We will greatly appreciate your comments both on the double presentation – whether you attended it live or listened to the recording – and on the venue.

We would also like you to explore some of the issues raised.

Let’s now venture full sail on blogging and podcasting, with the helpful support of Bee and Graham


Maria Teresa MT

6 thoughts on “Barbara Dieu and Graham Stanley presentation at the Alado

  1. Hi to all Webheads-to-be! I had a fabulous time yesterday at the Alado presentation, and was impressed by the quantity of thought-provoking questions and comments that were flying around in the chat room. You’re a really active group!

  2. Bee and Graham it was terrific. I am impressed that you could speak, read chat and navigate all that was going on. Thanks for a great learning moment.

  3. Dear all,

    Listening to Graham and Bee and participating in the chat were enriching experiences that will take time to be all processed, for it was so much information to digest. My head is so full of ideas that I can’t wait to start classes to try some new things with my students, although I have already worked with podcasting and blogging. There’s always that plus to learn!

    Thanks, Bee!

    Graham, I’m just listening to a wonderful Brazilian singer, Bebel Gilberto, as I type these words. Do you know her? Many of her songs are in English.

    Carla Arena
    Brasilia – Brazil

  4. I do know Bebel Gilbert Carla, although I haven’t heard much of her music, What do you recommend I listen to?. I’d love you to recommend some other Brazillian artists too! Please drop me an email with some recommendations if you have time.

  5. Wow, I could finally participate in a LIVE audio session without having problems. I admire Bee and Graham who were able to give the presentation, read the chat log, answer questions, change the slides, go to different links and still keep their great sense of humor and stay calm as the page froze for a couple of moments and the audio was cut off at times. Alado seemed much friendlier than Worldbridges to me. I especially liked the blue bubble that identifies the person speaking (I understood from the chat log at Worldbridges that there is no way of knowing who is talking unless you are already familiar with the person´s voice, and several people might be speaking at the same time). Thanks Bee, Graham, moderators and comoderators for an enjoyable and enlightening session. 🙂

  6. Hi Bee
    It was great to hear your voice, follow the slides and learn so much about blogs. You are a real blog expert! It would be great if you could come to BrasĂ­lia and present in the BRAZ-TESOL in July. Our school is starting to use blogs with adult students. If teachers here saw how enthusiastic you are about blogs, they would surely want to try it too! I will send you an e-mail with more information about it.
    And Graham, your presentation was very enlightening! I am still trying to get used to podcasting, but vodcasting… I might get there one day! I was glad to know you like brazilian music. I guess you would like “Nando Reis”.
    Thank you both!
    Erika Cruvinel