Informal meeting at Alado

Hey BaWers!

It was wonderful to see so many of you at Alado today 🙂

As usual lots of enthusiasm, many questions about Alado, and tons of humor.

                               Alado 1

Who attended the session?

Moderators and Comoderators: Teresa (Portugal), Daf (Venezuela), Chrissan(Sweden), Barb (Germany)

Participants: Aiden, Amanda, Analía, Angeles, Annie, Berta, Carla, Cecilia, Claudia, Cora, Cris, Daniele, Erika, Gladys, Hala, Horacio, Isabel, Jean Michele, Julia, Kat, Leanne, Moira, Sasa, Susan Canelo, Vanya, Nina, Silvana.

What a wonderful group of participants 🙂



alado 2

If you were not able to attend our informal informative session, this is the link to the whole presentation. And this is the link to the audio.


alado 3



PS: Leanne and I took the screenshots almost at the same time, that’s why they are so similar  😉

4 thoughts on “Informal meeting at Alado

  1. I learned alot of tips about LT and Alado.As ususla,I forgot to put on my web cam !What a day !I really enjoy meeting you ladies.Good luck in your lives.Warm hugs from me.

  2. Hi everyone, I had so much fun yesterday! I feel that every week we become closer to one another. It’s not so easy to get to know people on-line and I think we are getting there. I mean we are much more than virtual friends now! Congratulations to all of us!

  3. I just loved another this tour to ALADO. Thank you Tere and Daf for the wonderful tips. Thank you Barb and Chrissian for all the hard work too and thank you ALL for being there and showing once more what this group is all about : support, sharing, enthusiam and fun and FUN!
    I just love these meetings!

  4. Every new meeting we have holds a special taste. Alado is simple, works and makes us feel relaxed. There’s everything we need to keep the community in touch without the stress of opening a new window, or hitting another key for a certain function. The chat is always so colorful and cheerful that I can’t imagine myself without Alado!!!

    thanks for the great time on Saturday.