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One thought on “About

  1. I see a message from the government, like every day
    I watch it, and listen, and call em all suckas
    They warnin me about Osama or whatever
    Picture me buyin this scam I said never
    You in tune to a Hard Truth soldier spittin
    I stay committed gives a fuck to die or lose commission
    Its all a part of fightin devil state mind control
    And all about the battle for your body, mind and soul
    And now Im hopin you dont close ya mind – so they shape ya
    Dont forget they made us slaves, gave us AIDS and raped us
    Another Bush season mean another war for profit
    All in secret so the public never think to stop it
    The Illuminati triple six all connected
    Stolen votes they control the race and take elections
    Its the Skull and Bones Freemason kill committee
    See the Dragon gettin shittier in every city


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